Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Magic

I can remember so many things from Christmases past.  I remember going to my Nannie's (gma) house on Christmas Eve and playing games with my cousins.  We'd be there until about Midnight to rush home, get in bed for Santa Claus to come.  The next morning we would rush back to Nannie's house to see what Santa left us there.  You see, Santa Claus must have really loved the kids in my family because he left us things at our own house and at my Nannie's house. I also remember in my teenage years, exchanging gifts with my friends, and worrying about if I had spent enough money on them.  What if they spent more on me?  Oh the STRESS!!  As I turned into a young adult, out on my own, with friends we had parties to celebrate our holidays.  Parties to let us kick back, unwind and have a little fun while being together.  I am truly blessed to have the group of friends that I indeed do call my friends.

I learned around age 10 that Santa Claus was indeed my Mom.  I don't remember if my siblings tipped me off, but I do remember noticing Santa Claus' handwriting looked a lot like my Mom's.   Finding out the truth didn't hurt me too bad though.  I turned into a woman that loves Christmas above most things and will forever.  The love and pure joy in the air are two feelings I crave every year.  I want the whole world to get along.  I want that person in the grocery store to feel a little bit of Christmas Magic and smile.

I can't sum up in one simple word what Christmas Magic is to me, other than Love.  Christmas Magic is the twinkle in your eye on that wintery day as you see the pretty lights on houses as you pass by.  Christmas Magic is in the hug that you get from your family who you only see once a year.  Christmas Magic is simply inside the bell being rung outside your favorite shopping establishment.

When we are young, we are taught that the meaning of Christmas has everything to do with Santa Claus.  If you are in a religious family, you are taught about Baby Jesus.  However as we grow up, we are taught the meaning of Christmas is to give back.  What Charity can you donate to?  What cookies will you take your neighbor?  How many people do I need to send Christmas cards to?  We are taught to give back but we add so much stress into the simple holiday season.

So, as we are drawing this Christmas Season to a close, I challenge you.  Think..........  What is Christmas Magic to you?  I would love to hear about it.

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