Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Sparkle Box Review and Giveaway

The Sparkle Box Review and Giveaway
Our friends at Sassy Mom, 2 Spoiled Bratz are hosting this fantastic giveaway!  
This is such a sweet story.  
Read over what Sassy Mom has to share and be sure to enter to win you own!

The Sparkle Box is a great book. It teaches children the meaning of giving to those in need! The Sparkle Box is a book but they also send your very own Sparkle Box! So here is a little recap of the story! 

Right here you can see where the boy and his mother are giving blankets and food to the local homeless shelter. So the homeless can stay warm and have food! 

Every child needs to learn that giving items like this is good. Why let people go hungry or cold when we can stop it?

After that he has his father's Christmas party at work so he learned how his dad's co-workers and their families including his gave enough money for Africa so they could have clean water! 

The last good deed in the book was where the boy had bought the biggest mitten's and a candy bar for himself. Well when he went to leave a man was cold and hungry at the door and so the boy gave him the mittens and the gloves! 

Here is where the boy learns what the sparkle box is... And if you still do not know here is your answer. The Sparkle Box is a box filled with papers of good deeds you have done for Jesus! 

I know we have our sparkle box and are filling it! Whether we give some can goods to the local food bank to passing out 10 lunches to the local homeless!

What is your good deed?

Find them online! 

Now you can win our very own copy! 
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  1. A much better idea than elf on a shelf!

  2. As a Grandmother to four, I would read this book to them. Having a strong faith tradition, I think its never too early to stress charity at times when the whole world seems dedicated to consumerism!