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Newman's Own Organics Review and Giveaway

Newman's Own Organics Review and Giveaway
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Original Review by Mom's Gone Bronson

If you have been with me a while, you might remember the DE-LI-CIOUS goodies I brought to you from Newman's Own Organics!? Well...here they are again, and I am SO thrilled to be able to share!! 

With their vast array of organic sweet treats, salty snacks [and general scrumptiousness] including licorice, tea and coffee, it is always hard to know where to start, but here are some of the things that Newman's Own Organics carries, which didn't make it into my last review, along with some that did! 

First up, we have Newman's Own Organic's Olive Oil!! I am a HUGE lover of olive oil and I would use it on everything if given the chance and have had this out on my work top since it arrived and has been a staple in my kitchen for drizzling on salads and breads, with a little going a long way and a smooth taste you just can't fault!

Then there are the teas! I didn't even know that Newman's Own Organics had tea, but it makes perfect sense and it tastes good, too! Being of English decent, I am known to have a cup of tea in my hand 80% of the time and the kettle on the boil to make one the other 20%, unless I am sleeping!

Tea is one of those go-to drinks for me, which I do prefer hot, milky and with a little sugar, and many a problem has been solved in my house over a decent cup of tea - and so, when I say that Newman's Own Organics Royal Tea knocks my socks off, I mean it! Such a refreshing cup, tastes smooth and is not too overpowering!

The  black tea is perfectly balanced and steeps well, with none of this dunking and squeezing the bag for a day trying to get out the flavor! The green tea is just as good and the flavor is not as bitter as I have seen in other green teas recently! I just can't get enough - I actually have a cup of the green tea in front of me as I type and I am sure there will be plenty more after!

This time around I got to try several of the dried fruits - cranberries and apples to be exact - and those didn't let me down either. Lots of flavor and a decent size package meant that there were enough to go around and to little fingers who like to dip in and grab a few before running off to play! Yep, my 2 year old LOVED the dried fruits and the cranberries were especially a big hit - not too tart or too chewy, just about right in taste and I could only have wished there were more! The apples were a little chewier than the cranberries but the result was the same - good taste, well brought together, fabulous for a quick snack to dip into!

And then we have the chocolate, oooh! Who doesn't love chocolate of some kind?! I personally prefer the darker chocolates, while my son prefers the light and we had a little bit of a taste test to see how Newman's Own Organics' Mocha Milk Chocolate, Super Dark Chocolate and Orange Dark Chocolate compared to one another - there were also some Rasperry Centers, but I didn't share - bad mother, I know, but some times you just have to give yourself a treat!

As it turns out, the Super Dark Chocolate was a HUGE hit with everyone in our household, not that the other chocolate wasn't just as good, but the Super Dark was the one everybody kept asking for and was also the first to disappear! I love the smoothness of the chocolate, all of it across the board, and the slight kick that dark chocolate has always keeps me on my toes! I dipped a piece in my cup of coffee to see what it would taste like and the melted chocolate was SO GOOD that I could have gone back for more over and over until the world came to an end, it just didn't get boring or old!

Aside from these goodies, I also had some of the Newman's Own Organics favourites to savor in the way of: Licorice Sours, which are tart on the tongue, sharp on the mouth and tasty! Available in several flavors, I got to try out the Strawberry and the Apple Sour Licorice and I have to purse my lips just thinking about them as they just make my mouth water with anticipation, they're so fine!

I also loved the Newman-O's, which are like another similar, famous, cookie that might be available out there somewhere, but in mint! PLUS some Hermits and tasty cookies!!

There is just so much to be found at Newman's Own Organics, including all of the above AND pretzels, coffee and more! What is not to love!

BUT WAIT!! Of course there is MORE!!

The folk at Newman's Own Organics are giving a reader the chance to win a selection of their goodies including the following:

  • Newman O's
  • Sour Licorice
  • Chocolate
  • Tea

There will be ONE winner and they may request the flavors of the winning items listed above but may be subject to change where not available without notice.

Must be 18 or over and reside in the U.S to be able to win. Must reply to email to confirm prize within 48 hours and will forfeit the prize if not claimed within that time!

Neither Mom's Gone Bronson or any other participating bloggers are responsible for prize fulfillment. Fulfillment falls to Newman's Own Organics.

Thank you to all participating bloggers and GOOD LUCK to all readers!!


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Disclaimer: I was provided with all food items seen in this review in exchange for the review. I was not otherwise monetarily compensated and all view are honest and my own. Your views may vary. Thank you!


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