Friday, November 8, 2013

Fitness Friday (11/8)

Week 2 is OVER!  This week brought some interesting things. I had a migraine that turned into my throat feeling like I had a ball stuck in it.  I was able to breathe fine through my nose but swallowing and eating was VERY hard.  Thank goodness that only lasted about 18 hours.  I woke up the next morning a little sore, but I was able to eat and go about my day just fine.  There was never a fever or any other symptoms.  How odd, right?

Many of you know of the workout Teresa and I have been doing.  It changes every day, and some days are easier than others.  I've learned a couple new exercises with it!  It's been fun for me..  A couple of the moves are Jumping Jacks, Squats, Plank, Russian Twists, Downward Dog, etc.  Doing a downward dog for the first time ever proved to be more challenging than it looks!  Very nice stretch!  Maybe I should take up Yoga?

Last week I chose to post a picture of me ready for the day and challenges.  I think this week I will post something that shows a little more of what we're working with.  Of course fitness pictures always show the ugliest parts of our bodies, but I am over that.  The flab you may see on my body today will not be here in 6 months.  So, lets just share every intimate detail. ugh

I have Ally (4 yrs old) taking pictures for me!  Sorry if its a little blurry
Today I am down 1 pound from last week.  Weight is 221 pounds.  This marks a total 62 pounds down from the end of May and meeting my new doctor.  I was losing 3-4 pounds a week during the summer and I am sure this is due to being able to run outside.  I can't seem to get up early enough to sneak out before Cooper wakes up the morning.  I don't have the extra funds to get a treadmill, so I think the only option is to suck it up and deal with a slower loss over this winter season.


  1. I can not explain how proud I am of you! 62 pounds is amazing! Keep your head up and lets keep moving sista friend!!

  2. I've been wondering what I'll be doing for winter too! If I find something I'll share...