Friday, November 22, 2013

Fitness Friday (11/22)

This past week has been a tough one.  I apologize in advance if this will offend anyone, or if I share a little too much.  I need to fess up and deal with it. Then move on.  

I feel like a hypocrite today.  I ate things this past week with dairy and gluten in them.  Normally I will taste a product enough to form an opinion if I am doing a review.  A little taste isn't going to kill me, but when I keep eating it... That's when the trouble starts to happen.  I tell myself that I don't need to eat it. I tell myself that just one bite isn't going to hurt.  Well, I am wrong.  I DO NOT need to eat it.  That extra bite is going to hurt.  The extra bite leads to more bites.  These bites lead to headaches, and I just don't want to have a headache anymore!  Today is the first day in a week and a half that I didn't wake with a headache.  That in itself is enough motivation to not put dairy or gluten back into my body in huge amounts! 

Last week I told you about a struggle that is still very fresh in my mind.  Seeing the girl that I am right now and not the girl that I was.  After discussing this issue a little further with my husband, I found a picture of me, holding Ally when she was about 9 months old.  So, time frame of photo: about 4 years ago.  

The person in this photo was disappointed in herself, but didn't show it to anyone.  A smile will cover up anything.  I had lost the job I loved so dearly and still miss today.  I was working for a company that most people despise.  I was in management, but that doesn't seem to make it any better.  I didn't feel good in my own skin.  

I refuse to be that person again.  This week I had a pity party for myself.  It was a hard week, emotionally for me.  We celebrated my Mom's birthday as well as yesterday marked one year of her passing.  It is an excuse, I know... but I'm using it.  The days seem to get easier, but her memory is not far from my thoughts.  

On that note, I took this photo of myself yesterday. I see that the two pictures are the same person, but worlds apart.  

Alright, alright...  The thing you guys are all waiting for.  I managed to find 1.5 pounds this week.  I weighed in at 220 pounds this morning.  As I mentioned before I am disappointed, but the week is over and this is a new one.  Time to start tracking what I'm eating with myfitnesspal and stay away from the junk that my body does not like.  My goals still remain the same and I hope to have positive results to report next week.  

Goal #1: 35 lbs lost--I MADE IT!!!!! 7/28/13 
Goal #2: 50 lbs lost--Holy COW!!! 9/12/13 
Goal #3: 65 lbs lost --                                     


  1. Ash stop being so hard on yourself! You have made GREAT progress! Seriously I idolize you and my mother! You two have gave me the strength and courage to lose my weight! So dont think of it as only 1.5 pounds! Girl you lost 1.5 pounds and you still had the things you shouldn't have had! Now I agree if they are causing you headaches STAY AWAY SISTA FRIEND! But you can do this! that 65 pound mark with have a date on it soon. I promise!

    1. You silly woman... I FOUND 1.5lbs.. as in ADDED them to my body. Wish I could say lost.. but nope, we are on a gain this week.