Monday, October 21, 2013

Welp, I made it to 30...

For the last few months I had been dreading that day when my year of age rolled over to 30 from 29.  I started to notice the wrinkles setting in, started feeling like an old lady, and quite frankly... started to feel sorry for myself.  But as I woke up this morning, the day after my dreaded birthday, I am alive.  I made it!  I made it to the day after my 30th birthday to tell about it.  Okay, okay...  30 isn't that old..  I know people in their 40s and 50s that like to hang out with 20/30 year olds.  Will I be cool enough to hangout in 10 years?

I was blessed enough to spend my special day with my little family!  My husband drove us up to Gifford Pinchot State Park.  All I told him was I wanted to experience the leaves changing.  I couldn't have asked for a better place to go!  The trees were green, yellow, orange, red, brown.. Oh, they were beautiful!  The lake was so pretty!  A wind was blowing just enough to make ripples in the water, adding to the scenery.  It really was a beautiful place to sit and watch.  The children played on the many different play areas, and I was able to sit and watch or walk along the water, or you know me... I played right along with those kids!

My wonderful day included not one, but two fun phone calls with singing!  I loved it!  So sweet of the people back home in Kansas to think of me and give me what I needed.   Someone to sing that fun and annoying Happy Birthday song!  I enjoyed my free Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks, and a pretty great BBQ burger from Red Robin, no bun of course.  I really couldn't have asked for a better time while being so far away from Kansas.  My husband and children made sure of it!

As my wrinkles are settling in I'm thinking they are not from getting old but from smiling too much, I suppose I could have worse marks on my face.  Smiling too much is a pretty great problem to have.  Maybe I'll just start to refer to them as smile lines.


  1. Awe!! That is a great bday! Looks like you had a blast! So glad you made it to the day after your 30th bday! ;D Btw love ally's sunglasses!!

  2. There are definitely worse things than too have wrinkles from smiling too much!! Keep smiling! Its what will help keep you young!