Friday, October 11, 2013

In the Kitchen with Ally and Love Cooking Company!

In the Kitchen with Ally 
Love Cooking Company!
I was not compensated for this review.  All opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

Growing up, I have the best memories of being in the kitchen with my Mom.  I know I've shared this with you before, so you can believe that when I got the opportunity to test and review this bakeware thanks to Mrs. Fields and  Love Cooking Company, I was all over it!  
Upon opening the box, I noticed these pans are made of high quality material.  The metal is very durable.  I love to bake and have worked with my fair share of pans.  These are definitely part of the Premium Bunch!  

Cooper was down for a nap, Momma had her apron on, and we were ready to make some goodies!  We started our baking with the Half & Half Pan.  This is a pretty neat cupcake pan that has an overlay divider, allowing you to place in 2 flavors or colors into the cupcake wrapper!  Cool, right?  Ally decided we needed to make Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.  I couldn't figure out a good flavor to put in the pan beside it, so we just threw some pink food coloring into the batter and had a 2-tone effect!  
The only issue we found with this pan was the cupcake liners kept pushing the divider up a tiny bit.  This was most likely user error though.  Ally held the divider down for me, so problem solved!  We both really enjoyed using this pan.  The cupcakes turned out so cute!  Husband enjoyed himself one after dinner!
While we had the Half &Half pan in the oven we moved right onto our 24 Cup Mini Cupcake Pan.  This pan is my favorite out of the 3 we are talking about today!  The perfect size, I tell you!  Simply spray a little non-stick cooking spray, fill each cup up about 3/4 full and throw those little babies in the oven!  They came out perfect!  All 24 little Minis came out without a fuss!  

Ally and I took a short video to show you her awesome baking skills!  Be sure to watch it! 

Finally we moved onto the awesome pan known as The Brookie Pan.  I've seen on Pinterest over and over how to put a cookie inside a brownie.  You know the page.. just drop a ball of cookie dough into the brownie mix and voila!  Well, that doesn't work.  BIG FAIL!  This pan however helps you achieve that cookie inside your brownie perfectly!  The middle of the cup is raised to set your already baked cookie on safely while you fill in the rest with your brownie mix.  I had a small issue getting my finished product out of the pan, but I am 100% sure this was also user error.  A little more spray and they would have come out with no fuss!  
Cooper was very happy to wake up to a Brookie!  I think he would have eaten all six if I let him! 

We had so much fun this afternoon with Love Cooking Company and the Mrs. Fields pans!   Memories of growing up with my Mom in the kitchen were flooding through me, which made me feel a little closer to her.  I can only hope Ally has similar memories when she is my age, while she makes memories with her babies!
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  1. yum! okay this really makes me want to go bake! when I was younger was a chief so I loved trying all of his stuff! I bet once he finds out about Love Cooking Company he is gonna stack up on some great products!!

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  5. My daughters and I love to bake, Thank you for the review and helpful tips, I know what pans I will be purchasing this Holiday season..

  6. These look really good. I have always wondered about the ones that go half/half. Love your cupcakes they are so cute.

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