Thursday, October 24, 2013

Finding a Happy Medium

I have always been a person to throw myself in 100% into whatever project I am working on. Currently I have found a wonderful relationship with blogging and product reviews.  I certainly hope you guys are enjoying what I'm bringing you.  However on the flip side of this, the other areas of my life are lagging.  Laundry has slipped my mind, Running isn't the only thing on my mind, I start dinner a few minutes later than before, My coupon clipping needs some attention, Even calling my dad isn't number 1 on my list anymore.  Sorry Dad!  Today I start my quest to find a schedule to complete everything in my day and enjoy it as much as blogging has allowed me to!

I cannot express the amount of fun I am having!  I have found so many great women to network with, one in particular that has helped me so very much.  I am honored that she has taken her time and showed me her ways, leading to my SO VERY QUICK success!  The awesome companies I am working with, brighten my day.  The high I get from this alone could carry me into 2014, I'm pretty sure!

But then there is the question I had when I sat down to type this....  How do I find time for everything?  How do I split my attention between it all?  I have 2 crazy kids!  You'd think I was good at multi-tasking...  I used to think so, but the Blogging World has sucked me up and I don't think I want out!

I could get up earlier to get my day going earlier, but I need my 7-8 hours of sleep, or this Momma wont be blogging at all!  She'd be in Time Out the whole day!   I could not watch any TV, well.. I've stopped doing that unless its Thursday or Sunday!  I could write and stick to a schedule...  Maybe....

Anyone out there want to give this Crazy Blogging Loving Momma some pointers??

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