Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cooper and his myPad -- mirari myPad Review

Cooper and his myPad
I was not compensated for this review.  All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Adults love technology.  Kids love technology.  I'm sure my dogs would love technology if they knew how to use it.  The new mirari myPad by Patch Products Inc. is a way for our little guys and girls to learn while they play.  I previously learned about this product online, so when I was presented with the opportunity to play with this tablet, I was all over it!  I knew Cooper would love it as well!

Patch Products created a line of preschool toys named Mirari, from the Latin word "wonder." Through play, children explore their world and experience wonder and fulfillment, opening a world of possibilities.

This very fun tablet is made for children 12mo+.  It has 20 pictures that light up when directed by the arrow buttons on the bottom of the tablet.  The sounds are so cute!  "Meow", "good night", and "big kids go on the potty" are a few of the sounds.  I really like how the tablet helps with connecting your child's imagination to the sound and picture of what the sound relates to.  It helped develop Cognitive Learning, Sensory Development and Imagination. 

Cooper helped me out in showing you a little on how this tablet works.  Check out our video!

Both of my children were interested in this product.  Ally told me, "Mom, I really like the sounds and the pictures on that pad.  Its fun!"  As Allyson is 4 yrs old, I didn't suspect she would keep her attention with the myPad long, but she proved me wrong.  She really did enjoy the sounds and what each picture had to show.

This tablet is very durable.  In my opinion, the case has been made to withstand our Little's oppsies and dropsies in everyday lives.  I have no doubt that Cooper will be able to keep this tablet around, even with the rough little boy inside him wanting to come out!
Apparently, he likes to use his myPad while laying on the fireplace.. silly kid!

You can find Patch Products online and in stores.  


  1. My youngest would love this since she doesn't understand why she can't play with dad's tablet. & even better, it's affordable!

  2. My daughters would love one of these! I've always wanted to get them something like this.

  3. Alyssa and I watched your video together. She actually said to me, "If they had those when I was Cooper's age, I would've wanted one." I told her, "If they'd had them back then, she probably would have had one!" It's like the update to the toy cell phone from when we were kids. Great idea!

  4. I think my son would really like this. We are thinking of getting him in for Christmas.

  5. I love that it's made for children, what a great alternative to handing over the $500 iPad!!

  6. wow new games gadget, it's looks easy to use and i think every kids love that gadget. anyways, thanks for sharing this info.


  7. Oh my goodness...my son would go crazy for this! I LOVE the price tag too! We haven't decided on a Christmas gift for our son yet, but this might be the one...