Saturday, September 7, 2013

This week's FREEBIES!!

I know I am a person that waits around for the mailman all day just to find out what I will be getting!  95% of the packages/envelopes the mailman brings to my house are coupons/samples/freebies!  I'm sure you've noticed I love to share these freebie opportunities with you!

So, check out what I received this week.... Each of these things were a surprise:

The Bali bra was something I signed up for in July.  Sometimes with you sign up for random things like a bra, you never believe they will actually show up.  Super excited about this one!!

The Ziploc bags were from a Right@Hom Instant Win Game!  The game is since over, but it never told me I won!  YAY!!

The Lever 2000 sample is also from their Instant Win Game.  This game was over on July 24th.

What Freebies did you get this week!?

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