Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Seasons are Changing!

As I sit at my desk this morning, I'm enjoying the view out the window to our back yard.  The trees are still green, but brown leaves are falling.  This is not something I am used to being from Kansas, as they have been suffering from 100 degree weather, still at this point in September! YUCK!!  However, since moving to Pennsylvania the weather here has surprised me so much.  Its considerably cooler here, as we've been able to keep the air off for about 20% of this past summer.  Very odd.

I'm excited for the seasons to change all the way!  Excited to play in the leaves with my excited children, excited to pull out my Kansas State Wildcats hoodie and wear it proudly, and excited for the cooler days that will warrant that hoodie!  Cooler weather also takes me into the kitchen to bake all of those yummies that I can no longer eat.  A small price to pay for the people I love.  Maybe we'll try our luck at making candy this year.  Ally would be thrilled if we could manage some kind of Christmas Candy!  Cooper would be thrilled to eat it.

So as I sit at my desk this morning, I'm feeling hopeful for the new seasons..  I do feel the longing a good Kansas thunderstorm though.  Maybe I'll always be a Kansas Girl at heart.

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