Friday, September 27, 2013

The Best time of the Year!

We are into my absolute favorite part of the year!  From the middle of September through January 1st, I just LOVE this time of year!  Birthdays, leaves falling, pumpkin pie, candy, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and a new promise of greatness for the next 12 months.

Minnie Mouse, 2nd year
This year for Halloween, Ally has decided she is going to be a cowgirl and Cooper will be a cowboy.  I was happy to hear this decision last November (yes, I said November.. and she has stuck with this decision!) because she was Minnie Mouse for the two previous years.  Her choice, and Mommy assisted in getting her the costume, but she was sure this year that Its the Year of the Cowgirl!  I don't know how happy Cooper will be to be a cute little cowboy though..  He isn't a big fan of things on his head.  Maybe if he learns he'll get candy for wearing the hat, then perfect!  **What's even better is we found both children's costumes at the Dollar Tree!!  Their Halloween section surprised me greatly!  Cute costume pieces, decorations, candy buckets... I think we'll be going back there for a few more decorations as the holiday gets closer.

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