Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Terrible Two's Blues

"He's ALL BOY!"  I heard this so many times from my mom in the first few months of Cooper's life.  She tried to warn me.  Told me that he would turn into everything that is fun about a little boy, plus everything that isn't.  "Hold him close and make sure he knows you love him." She said.  "Make sure to discipline him fairly." She said.  I didn't realize why she was telling me these things then, but it is very clear now.

With Allyson being our first born I really thought it would be a piece of cake to raise a boy. Ally was the best baby!  Then she turned 2 and her attitude set in like I was hitting a brick wall.  So, of course I was dooped into thinking Cooper would be different?  Cooper is a boy.  That should be a little different, right?  C'mon! He is EXACTLY the same as our girl!  He was such a good baby.  We've had no problems with getting him to stay in his bed a night.  No problems with getting him to clean up after himself. No problems with getting a kiss or hug, especially the ones full of slobber or sticky hands!  We are coming up on Cooper's 2nd birthday and let me tell you just as I heard over and over again.  He is All Boy!  Every now and then he'll play with a Barbie or show me how much fun he had with his sister as they tried to put makeup on, but give him a few cars and he'll sit there quietly for hours.  My little monster will growl at you and chase after you just to give you a kiss!  I imagine one day I'll get that phone call from the school saying he is in trouble for kissing all the girls.

How do I get him to stop screaming "NO!! NO!!!" as he runs through the house?  How do I get him to not get up and run from me when I'm trying to change his pull-up?  and HOW do I get him to just be still when he is on a bed bigger than his?

Sometimes I wish I could look into the future.  Maybe take a look at how long we'll be potty training, maybe see how we handle his first day of school, or even when he drives for the first time.  Then I realize that my little boy is growing up way too fast.  Holding onto these memories will be the best part of his growing up so fast.

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