Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mom = Help?

It would appear that Cooper does not know exactly who Mommy is.  When you ask him, "Cooper, where is Mommy?" he will point to himself.  When Daddy is tickling him or he is stuck somewhere he will scream "Mommy!! Mommy!!! Momma!!" over and over again.  This is what lead me to think about growing up with my mom and the help she gave me over the years.

When you're growing up, you usually pick one person to rely on the most.  That person is either a parent, brother, sister, friend, mentor, someone that has come to mean everything to you.  That person for me was my Mom.  Of course as I was growing up I didn't appreciate her enough, or believe anything she had to say.  Once I got married and had my own children, my mother seemed to be the smartest person on Planet Earth.  When I needed an ear to listen, she was there.  I needed advice, she was there.  I needed a babysitter, she was there.  Even when I needed a night out, she was always there to take me with her to BINGO!  She would share information with me about love, honesty, respect, farting, driving cars, not letting anyone give me any bull, oh the list could go on.  In the end, she was the epitome of "help" for me.

Now that I am the Mom, I need to keep in mind the times I had with my Mom.  I will be here to help my children through whatever they need or don't need.  So, I suppose if Cooper sees me as "help".... I can be okay with that!

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