Saturday, August 31, 2013

Little Treats..

As a little girl I have fond memories of going to the grocery store with my mom.  Over the years the stores changed, but my mom's shopping habits never did.  We would always get special treats.  These treats may have been hostess cakes, a candy bar, ice cream, whatever myself or my siblings wanted.  Even as I grew into my adult years, my mom was still buying these treats.  She would hide them, but when the time was right she would share them with my children and/or niece and nephew.  I had to laugh when I found a stash of bite sized candy bars she had hidden away for when the time was right.

These memories lead me to shopping at Aldi this week.  Walking into the store I had a few flashbacks of running around crazy, grabbing whatever yumminess I wanted and throwing it in the cart...  But back into real time, I was absolutely amazed at the low prices I saw!  I had heard about the great prices on produce, which was why we were there initially.  I ended up buying things on our shopping list that I would have normally paid double for at one of the grocery stores in the area.

This is what we left the store with............  Spending a total of $32.84!  My favorite purchase was the produce, just like the rumors had said!  We found Bananas at $.44/lb, Mangos at $.49/each, a bag of baby carrots for $.69 and Plums at $.49/each!  The corn chips taste just like Fritos and the "Cheese Melt" was exactly like a block of Velveeta, but half the price!

Of course if you look real hard, you can spot the treat for the kids.  Ally talked me into flavor ice!  These little tubes of sugar may not be nutritious, but every now and then you just need to let your kids have a treat!

Do you shop at Aldi?

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